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A Connecticut home with a green roof and minimal site impact

Meeting the challenge to gently place a home into a valley below the access road and adjacent to a scenic river, Weston Residence is both a primary residence and an award-winning example of minimal site impact architectural design.A [...]

Rivian R1T is the best glamping truck on the market

The new Rivian R1T pickup is the fabulous EV glamping truck you didnat know you needed. This unique EV truck has all kinds of features you need, plus a few you never even thought of. Come along on our test drive of the Rivian R1T and decide for yourself if this is your next daily driver. [...]

Here are the latest sustainable construction materials

According to the U.N. Environmental Program, the construction industry is not making enough efforts to achieveA net-zero emissions. While all sectors are making efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the construction sector is still to get an organized strategy. Today, up to 50% of the world'sA climate changeA is caused by the construction sector. The same industry is responsible for up to 40% of the pollution in water bodies. These figures just go to show, how significant the construction industry is in regards to environmental impact.[...]

Best cut flower varieties for a sustainable home garden

Cut flowers sounded easy when I started gardening. Just plant some flowers and then cut them, right? Well, there is a lot more to it than that. Cut flowers are often grown from specific varieties that tend to have long, sturdy stems and big, beautiful blooms, and each variety has its own tips to keep them healthy. It also can be hard to find the right varieties in sustainable versions. [...]

University Mass Timber Pavilion was designed by students

Nestled on the Rice University campus, amid multiple microhabitats and surrounded by green, you will see a small pavilion that looks a bit like an ancient Greek temple. But this pavilion was carefully crafted to have a modern design. It's sustainable, beautiful and an example that might just inspire campuses around the world.[...]

Travel to the ancient beauty of Machu Picchu, Peru

Our group sat in a circle at a 15thA century Inca site. We each held three coca leaves glued together with llama fat and concentrated on protection, prosperity and a balanced life. A young shaman named Lucas alternately prayed in Quechua and explained things to us in Spanish, both translated by our guide Wilfredo Huillca. The shaman added quinoa, corn, confetti and other symbolic items to Pachamama, the Andean earth mother. Fortunately, modern rituals substitute animal cookies for alpaca sacrifices.[...]

Biophilic building enhances biodiversity in the neighborhood

KaiserstraAe is a new residential building currently under construction in Blumenau, Brazil. The project is designed by Alencar Arquitetura and aims to harness connections between residents and the natural world.[...]

The first agricultural community of its kind in Ontario

Humans living in harmony with nature and with each other is really the goal of sustainable, environmentally-friendly design. And it is hardly a hip and modern idea, not unless you think the Stone Age is trendy. Long ago, people banded together in groups to live and work together as one community, rather than as individuals. Now, Castlepoint Numa is bringing this ancient idea into the modern era with an innovative design.[...]

These are 5 industries being propelled by 3D printing

When 3D printing first took off, it was difficult to imagine how diverse the field would grow. Nowadays, the realm of additive manufacturing is growing daily. In particular, five sectors are advancing rapidly as a result of developments in additive manufacturing. These are healthcare, food, fashion, motorsports and aerospace. Based on estimates, it is believed that soon these industries will incorporate 3D printing as a key component of their operations.[...]

What is a green roof and should you install one?

Green roofed structures date back thousands of years, even before the concept of housing as it is known today was birthed. The earliest green roofs came in the form of sod roofs above caves. Plants were used on top of the caves for ceremonial and agricultural purposes. Over time, sod roofs lost their value due to natural disasters and borrowing by animals.A [...]

Flagstaff, Arizona is an excellent vegan town to try

Flagstaff, Arizona draws outdoorsy folks and is known as one of Arizonaas more progressive and laidback towns a which bodes well for vegans. I spent a few days in Flagstaff and didnat run out of delicious, plant-based places to eat. Itas an attractive town to visit in its own right, though many people find themselves here on their way to the Grand Canyon, which is an hour and a half away. Here are some of the top places for vegans to get a good meal.[...]

Hidden Garden House showcases a design dictated by nature

Today's architecture is no longer about creating the best space just for humans, though of course that has to be a factor. It's also about preserving and living in harmony with the natural world. But being harmonious with nature presents a unique set of challenges. The Hidden Garden House by RAD+ar (Research Artistic Design + Architecture) is a showcase of creative and innovative solutions for just such a challenge.[...]

What does the art of carbon-free gardening mean?

Outwardly, gardens look like sustainable spaces that help absorb excess carbon from the atmosphere. While this might be true, not all gardens help reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide. Some gardens contribute to carbon pollution. Unfortunately, most gardeners are not even aware that their gardens are a source of carbon and other greenhouse gas pollutants. Even so, it is possible to attain a net-zero garden and in some cases, create a carbon sink in your garden.A [...]

Eat healthy and locally-sourced foods at Sweetgreen

Whoever says fast food is unhealthy for the body and the environment hasnat been introduced to Sweetgreen, a chain restaurant dedicated to changing how we view food production, consumption and waste.A [...]

What you can expect in the future of 3D printing?

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has been available for commercial use since 1986. Early on, 3D printing took on a hobbyist role. Now, however, industries have begun using additive manufacturing to their advantage.[...]

Environmental education is imbedded in this cultural center

Sometimes architecture is about much more than the materials and design of a building. This is the case for PabellA3n Centro de Cultura Ambiental (CCA), a facility with the goal of increasing society's environmental awareness. Designed by Taller de Arquitectura, CCA stands as a model for urban planning that incorporates culture, history, economy and the needs of both the community and the environment.A [...]

Buzzfeed Tasty clean ceramic cookware is now sold at Walmart

Buzzfeed Tasty food site is filled with easy recipes and videos to whip up an incredible meal. In fact, during the height of the pandemic lockdown, when many people were taking care of plants and baking bread, I followed their guide to making sourdough bread from scratch. Expanding from their brand, Tasty also has cookbooks and cookware, the latest being a 16-piece cookware set sold at Walmart. [...]

Here are water-saving alternatives to grass for your home

The dream of every gardener is to see endless fields of green grass in their backyard. With determination, most gardeners manage to attain this dream, but at a cost. Within no time, there is a need to mow and control weeds. After mowing, it needs watering to grow again. This cycle continues for as long as the gardener wants to enjoy the beauty of green turf.[...]

GAF creates innovative cooling solutions for overheated cities

With climate change ramping up and an El Nino weather pattern in effect for the western hemisphere, heat island effect has become a real problem for cities sweltering under the summer sun. GAF created a product called Streetbond Pavement Coating that aims to turn that heat island effect around by reflecting heat back into space. [...]

Live at this restaurant among locally-sourced ingredients

People are paying more attention to what they eat right now than at any other point in history. There's a lot more focus on organic ingredients, fresh ingredients and locally-sourced ingredients. At the famous Steirereck restaurant, you are surrounded by farmlands where the ingredients in your food are grown. Now, PPAG Architects have completed Sterock am Pogusch. This is an offshoot of Steirereck and it will take you into the Austrian Alps.[...]

Find out what it takes to be an ecotourist

Vacations are an integral part of every personas life. Following long seasons of hard work, it is well deserved to get away from busy schedules and enjoy nature. The tourism industry is fully built around the need for vacations. While tourism is good, it has its dark side. The entire industry thrives on the existence of nature, yet it tends to erode away what is left of natural resources.[...]

In Finland, people get prizes for their unwanted textiles

In the quest for a more sustainable future, the Finnish city of Lahti has taken a remarkable step with an innovative pilot program called the Textile Deposit scheme. This incentivized recycling program aims to encourage locals to actively sort and recycle their textile waste instead of sending it to the landfill. [...]

These low-cost housing solutions are made from bamboo

The Housing NOW project addresses home insecurity in a variety of affordable, efficient and sustainable ways. Started by Blue Temple, an architecture design studio based in Myanmar, the structures are constructed using bamboo that is locally available and endlessly renewable.[...]

How the endangered American chestnut is making a big return

The American chestnut was all but destroyed by fungal blight and logged as settlements spread west when the United States was settled by Europeans. But lately, it's making a comeback. Endangered for years, the American chestnut is now being appreciated for its many helpful characteristics in cultivated permaculture gardens and its value as a historical tree that anchored entire ecosystems. Americans are embracing the great chestnut like never before. [...]

An artwork that gives new meaning to a dead tree

Nature speaks for itself, while art amplifies whatever nature has to say. Artist Luca Gnizio has cut a niche for himself in amplifying the communications of nature. His latest project, Forsoultree, speaks more than words could. Yet, it is a project that goes beyond the creation of an artist. It features more than a hundred years of natureas work ingrained in a dead tree trunk.[...]

Leave no trace rafting through the Grand Canyon this year

Itas a hot and beautiful summer day at the bottom of the Grand Canyon as I stand in line for a sandwich. Our rafting guides have set up an amazing spread of fixings. Thereas even vegan cheese for me. All thatas missing are plates and napkins. After washing our hands with river water and soap in a foot-pumped bucket sink, we put our bread on one hand and try to layer on all the sandwich ingredients with the other. Scooping out avocado is especially difficult one-handed. It's clumsy, but admirable when you realize we are generating no paper or plastic[...]

The most sustainable building in Germany is a timber beauty

Germany's most sustainable building is in Berlin, and it's a beauty. The EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin is a seven-story office complex consisting of two buildings comprising 32,000 square meters of floor space. It has been built by TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten using sustainable, climate and resource-saving techniques. Plus, it has a modular hybrid-timber construction that makes this hybrid-timber building one of the largest in Europe. [...]

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