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Passive design helps Lucio building regulate its temperature

The architectural design of the Lucio office building in Lille, France, integrates with the sun for variable lighting and temperature control in a smart passive design. [...]

Green roofs top Marmormolen's sustainable timber architecture

The timber design for Copenhagen's upcoming large commercial building Marmormolen shows sustainable architecture leadership from designers Henning Larson and Ramboll. Lush with green roofs, a waterfront garden and more, the project shows what a commercial building can be to a community.[...]

New ACME Pavilion employs sustainable CLT construction

Design house ACME's director Friedrich Ludewig drew on the inspiration of Alpine architecture and nearby Olympic Park to guide the design of The Pavilion at Stratford Square in east London, a gently undulating pavilion made using cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction.[...]

Vegan handbags' new line was inspired by photography and women

Investing in a long product lifespan is one of the most sustainable actions companies and consumers can make. NOIRANCA, a company singularly aimed at this goal, has debuted a line of handbags with a commitment to protecting the environment. [...]

New chip brand upcycles corn germ for water-saving snack

Americans eat a million tons of tortilla chips per year. But as we crunch our snack foods, few of us ever realize their water cost. Million tons of chips have a water footprint of 180 billion gallons.[...]

Urwahn Platzhirsch e-bike wins major sustainability award

German bike maker Urwahn has received the German Sustainability Award 2022, Europe's biggest award for social and ecological commitment to helping the planet, for its E-Bike Platzhirsch. The Platzhirsch is a 3D-printed steel electric bike with a gorgeous matte frame. The award honors groundbreaking contributions toward a sustainable future and boosts Urwahn's efforts to create fair conditions for people and the environment.[...]

Prague Meander competition to reinvent Prague neighborhood

Urban planning is central for new or re-imagined areas that house and employ the population. Sometimes itas a process that happens before a city even takes root. Other times, as in the case of Prague Meander, an area is given a second life.[...]

Town Enclosure art installation is made of CLT panels

Lots of art are meant to be seen and not touched. It is visible to the public but separate, untouchable and unknowable. That is not the case with Town Enclosure, an art installation that's also functional. The incredible design was created by CLB Architects.[...]

Dog toy and treats from Project Hive help save bees

What do dogs and bees have in common? A company called Project Hive Pet Company. Based out of Minneapolis, the mission-driven business makes dog toys and treats that directly contribute to rebuilding bee habitat. [...]

Nokia Arena has touchless digital keys with mobile access

The new Nokia Arena in Finland just opened its doors last month, but only to those with special digital keys. The entire arena, designed by Polish Architect Daniel Libeskind, is wired with touchless digital access technology that make innovative use of new artificial intelligence security.[...]

Urban Sequoia is a blueprint for sustainable architecture

This past fall, COP26 opened the door for discussions about many environmental issues. However, few presentations addressed one elephant in the room a the fact that the construction industry contributes up to 40% of ongoing carbon release. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) used the COP26 platform to offer a sustainable architecture proposal that could reduce the impact of the built environment and implement systems that will result in a carbon-negative initiative.[...]

Kentucky coal mine to become clean energy water battery project

An oldA KentuckyA coal mine will soon be turned into a pumped hydro awater batterya in an ambitious renewable clean energy scheme. Hydropower developer Rye Development is transforming a strip mine in southeastern Kentucky's Bell County into the Lewis Ridge pumped storage project.[...]

Coca-Cola is cleaning up river plastic pollution worldwide

Coca-Cola and The Ocean Cleanup selected the CaoSSn ThAE! River in CaoSSn ThAE! City, Vietnam as one of 15 river locations around the world to tackle plastic pollution. The global partnership between the two organizations will implement advanced technology to intercept and clean up waste in some of the worldas major rivers.[...]

Award-winning apartment design is built 90% out of wood

SAWA, designed by Mei Architects and Planners, won the Experimental Future Projects category in the World Architecture Festival 2021. The apartment building drips with green roof and balcony plantings. It is also Rotterdam's first 50-meter-high residential building. The design beat out seven other nominated projects for the top prize in the category.[...]

Nearly all of the German Pavilion is recyclable

The exhibits at this yearas Expo 2020 Dubai (postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic), feature a range of innovative designs from around the world. Working within the theme of "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," the German Pavilion highlights sustainable features that cater to the desert environment. [...]

Extreme cold closes schools and COVID testing sites

On Monday, the New Hampshire Department of Health announced that the state's COVID-19 would close due to extreme cold weather. The sites include Claremont, Manchester, Newington and Nashua. The announcement mirrors several other northeastern states closing schools due to subzero temperatures.[...]

CLOUDROOM's bioclimatic design highlights the climate crisis

Students and design/consulting company Ecosistema Urbano worked together to design this futuristic, outdoor, sustainable classroom created in Columbus, Indiana. The project, called CLOUDROOM, is a bioclimatic design for an outdoor classroom. It's an installation that aims to inspire a rethink of educational spaces and raise awareness about today's climate crisis.[...]

This frying pan gives new life to recycled aluminum

For most people, using cookware is a way of life. Even if you make little more than scrambled eggs, pots and pans are a basic requirement for every kitchen. Inasmuch, the type of pans you use has the power to positively or negatively impact the planet and your health. Many cheaply-made skillets lack a durable design and contribute to the waste stream with their short lifespans. Then thereas the peeling that accompanies some nonstick pans. It is not only unhealthy for you, but also inefficient for a pan that is supposed to be nonstick.A [...]

University under a hill in India has a green roof

India's new Prestige University designed by Sanjay Puri Architects features a fully walkable angled green roof that is accessible to staff and students from the ground. The building may look like a Minecraft creation, but it's a full university sliding seamlessly under the landscape beneath a rooftop composed of squares of green planted turf.[...]

Basketball museum is meant to be viewed from all angles

The Lithuania House of Basketball Museum is a focal point in the town of Kaunas. The museum sits near the medieval Kaunas castle and Santaka park, where the two largest Lithuanian rivers converge. Designed by G. Natkevicius & Partners, the project stands out as a contemporary building in the urban fabric of the old quarter of the city.[...]

Rilu the snow leopard has passed away due to COVID

Rilu the snow leopard, a big cat at the Miller Park Zoo in Illinois, has died from COVID-19 complications. The 11-year-old leopard tested positive for COVID on Dec. 3 alongside three other big cats at the zoo. After struggling for over a month, the endangered cat was pronounced dead in an official announcement on Thursday.[...]

England Environment Agency tells people to ignore pollution

Englandas Environment Agency doesnat have enough money to investigate low-impact pollution incidents. So itas decided to ignore them.[...]

These shoes are made in the world's only entirely vegan factory

Buying vegan sneakers from Grounded People means supporting your choice of charity. Founded in Vancouver by CEO Maximilian Justus, Grounded People, an eco-friendly apparel company, started just as the pandemic began. And now, after nearly two years of overcoming challenges sourcing sustainable materials, Grounded People unveiled its debut collection of vegan shoes.[...]

Womb building reflects nature in the middle of Milan

UOOU Studioas recent project provides the cozy architectural atmosphere the project name Womb implies. The office building was developed in conjunction with MAO Architects, Studio Dedalo Architettura, BEONE, Davide Frati for client Reale Group/Reale Immobili.[...]

Net-zero emissions area will be built on renewable energy

Bjarke Ingels Group's (BIG) Oslo Science City is part of Oslo's 2019 Strategy for the Development of the Knowledge Capital, a 1.4 million square meter hub that aims to house 150,000 scientists, entrepreneurs and students. The area will also contribute to the country's shift to renewable energy. [...]

Ghost orchid among new plant species discovered in 2021

The ghost orchid grows in complete darkness in Madagascaras dense forests. Instead of using photosynthesis, its nutrients come from symbiotic relationships with underground fungi. The orchid pokes its bloom through the forest floor for a single day to attract pollinators, possibly ants. This newly discovered orchid is one of the 205 new species named by the scientists of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and their worldwide collaborators in 2021.[...]

House Offset reinvents New York renovation aesthetics

Overlay Office has renovated a 19th-century New York City townhouse to create House Offset. Located in South Slope, Brooklyn, the three-unit condominium uses classic design and sustainable materials that reinvent and enhance common contemporary renovation methods. It features increased natural light, open floor plans that maximize interior space, and outdoor spaces for each apartment.[...]

LEED-certified apartments set highest green design standards

The initial LEED-certified project by The Procopio Companies was completed in conjunction with DMS Design as the design architecture and CUBE 3 for interior design to analyze materials for sustainability. The result is Caldwell, a high-rise, mixed-use and multi-family apartment complex in Lynn, Massachusetts with 259 units.[...]

Beam solar-powered off-grid EV chargers deployed worldwide

Off-grid EV charger manufacturer Beam has now installed solar-powered off-grid EV chargers in more than 100 municipalities in the U.S. and around the world in Spain, Brazil, Canada and the Caribbean. It's big news in an industry that has so far relied on EV chargers that are on-grid and permanently installed. New York City, Beam's biggest customer, now has around 100 Beam chargers.[...]

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A number of SeaWorld properties are debuting new rides and attractions in 2022, from thrilling roller coasters to a family-focused new Sesame Place amusement park. Here's a look at what theme park lovers can expect.

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Find your own sweet spot with these 10 New England chocolate makers

New England's craft chocolate makers look to local ingredients and sustainably sourced cacao to push boundaries in confectionary making.

CDC warns travelers to avoid Canada amid COVID surge: 'Even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk'

The CDC issued a level 4 travel health notice for Canada on Monday due to its "very high" level of COVID-19.

Rediscover San Diego-area beach towns: Best things to do and places to stay

The beach towns along the southern California coast, specifically between San Diego and Oceanside, prove perfect open-air spots in these socially-distancing-appropriate times.

If pink is your favorite color, you'll love these 10 hotels

You'll be tickled pink to stay at these 10 hotels across the United States that come in all sorts of blush and rosy shades.

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Among Google's top trending destinations for January: Vermont, Montana, Florida, Nevada, Texas, California, Tennessee and Georgia.

9 of the most romantic hotels for Valentine's Day in the Caribbean

For couples looking to dial up the romance on Valentine's Day, look no further than the Caribbean where resorts, villas, private islands and excursions are rolling out the welcome mat.

Israel reopening to all vaccinated, recovered international travelers next week

Israel is set to drop a short-lived ban on all foreign national travelers on Sunday.

Elvis Presley birthday festivities: 5 ways to celebrate the King at Graceland

From cake cutting to concerts, here are five ways fans can celebrate Elvis Presley's birthday at Graceland.

Bahamas updates entry requirements, scraps plans for more stringent pre-departure testing

Fully vaccinated travelers and those under 12 will be able to continueA to show either a negative PCR test or rapid antigen test to enter.

Arizona's Havasupai Falls will remain closed until June: How to rebook your reservation

The famous waterfalls in Arizona will stay closed for several more months while the Havasupai Tribe monitors COVID-19 variants. Here's what to know.

Hawaii updates entry requirements: Island drops questionnaire, shortens quarantine period

Hawaii updated entry requirements this week to better align with guidance from the CDC.

Atlantic City's best cup of coffee is where you least expect to find it

This special cafA(c) con leche coffee beverage is causing a stir! It's handcrafted by a creative server at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City.

Ditch the snow: Head over to Uruguay for some sun, sand y diversiA3n

Uruguay reopened its borders to foreigners, just in time for the beginning of summer in this coastal gem south of the equator.

Go take a hike! These 10 forest trails lure travelers nationwide

Forest trails pass through magnificent scenery from coastal redwoods to southern hemlocks.

Romantic bathrooms? Yes, and these are 8 of the best in the Caribbean

In spa-like bathrooms gracing the ritziest resorts, hotels and villas in the Caribbean, step up your game with a super soak in a big tub or a leisurely shower in a fragrant garden.

'Els Enfarinats' festival : 200-year-old food fight in Spain

For about 200-years the inhabitants of Ibi annually celebrate with a battle using flour, eggs and firecrackers, outside the city town hall.

Photos: Harbin Ice and Snow World

The Harbin Ice and Snow World opened on December 25 in Harbin City, China and will last around two months.

Be inspired at 10 of the best places for a reno-cation

Make time to explore decor on your next vacation at these 10 locations that are great for renovation inspiration.

These are the 10 best botanical garden holiday lights displays this year

There's still time this holiday season to enjoy some festive light displays in the great outdoors. Here are the 10 best botanical gardens for holiday lights.

Biden to lift travel ban against South Africa, 7 other countries

The U.S.A enacted the travel restrictionsA in late November in an attempt to slow the spread of omicronA within the U.S.

Hours in line or a $110 test: How the COVID test shortage is 'frustrating' Puerto Rico visitors

Puerto Rico is set to tighten its testing requirements for U.S. travelers amid the holiday travel season.

Planning a trip to the Bahamas? Get ready for more stringent testing requirements

Effective immediately, travelers must test negative for the virusA within 72 hours of entering the Bahamas, regardless of vaccination status.

Families will love these 8 tropical destinations, perfect for escaping winter

If the cold harsh winter months are dragging your family down, then it's time to escape to somewhere tropical.

CDC says to 'avoid travel' to Spain, Monaco, Finland and other destinations due to COVID-19

"Avoid travel to these destinations," the CDC warns. "If you must travel to these destinations, make sure you are fully vaccinated before travel."

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